The Star People according to American Indians (Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s books)

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s books

What is the interest in reading Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s books ? And who is she ?

Dr Ardy Sixkiller Clarke is Professor Emeritus at Montana State University and former Director of the Center for bilingual/multicultural education. So, she has degrees in History, English and psychology. She is not an ufologist (who makes soil sampling and analysis, try to find several eyewitnesses for the same phenomenon and produces statistics based on the collected data), but a social science researcher. Nevertheless, she knows ufology and gives some references with famous authors sometimes for the contextualisation.

« As a American Indian researcher, I have always walked in two worlds. (…) As a university professor trained in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, there is an expectation that you will approach any research project searching for the empirical truth. Among American Indians, you are expected to conduct research that allows the narrative to supersede the statistics. Facts and statistics are not nearly as important as the story ».

First of all, she is Cherokee/Choctaw and that is why she knows very well the American Indian history and culture. People trust her. In her books, she never tried to romanticise the testimonies nor making inferences or suggestions with leading questions. She communicates only what she collects directly, nothing more, nothing less. Unlike many ufologists, she won’t change the truth due to his skepticism.

« I approached my inquiries from a nonjudgmental, insider viewpoint. (…) I have presented their stories as they were told to me ».

We all know strange visual observations which were ridiculed : the moon light, the Venus planet, a big bird, and so on. Indian people prefer to keep silent rather than be ridiculed or humiliated. So they don’t talk except to those of their community.

« None of the participants were seeking notoriety, and if anything, were more insistent about protecting their anonymity ».

Another important consideration : the Native Indian people do not seek publicity. Most of the time, they don’t trust « white people » who say one thing and does the opposite. Or, worse still, the one who deliberately lie to get what they need. It is well known that they live in their ancient traditions with respect towards nature and people they trust. It can be said they have a code of ethics.

From that perspective, it is very interesting to hear the testimony « in its integrity ». I have been particularly impressed to all details given by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke that give a very natural aspect. Some ufologists do the same in their books but it is not always the case. Ardy reveals a certain humility by making welcoming space for witnesses.

« I have attempted to give the reader a realistic description of the settings ( although disguised to protect the participants) and how the interview took place ».

There is an other specificity : what American Indian people talk about is often unique or rare. It seems they have a privileged relationship because of their own traditions and their beliefs. Indeed, the extraterrestrials are not regarded as « aliens » but as « Star People », « Sky Gods », « ancestors » and sometimes « the brothers ».

« Many of the participants in this book demonstrated a connexion with their ancestral heritage and the ancient star stories of their people… ».

Of course, this can not be the case for all of them (the alien insectoids, for instance), but it is a general attitude which may be formulated as benevolent. We often forget that our attitude affects our reality.

American Indian people do not consider the Star People as a threat. It is said, with good reason, that they have a deep spirituality. And that is why they know how to grow in harmony with their environment. I am not sure we can say the same with those people who destroy our forest, our oceans, our atmosphere, and everything else to make more profit. I am not sure either they would shoot at any ufo they saw in airspace, if they could.

Another aspect to consider is the disinformation : we do not know what is true with all the lies that came from various camps.

For all those reasons, the Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s books can be very useful. An other one : what Native American people think about the Ufo phenomenon deserves merit.

Her UFO books/texts

  • Encounters with Star People : Untold Stories of American Indians (Anomalist Books, 2013)
  • More Encounters with Star People: Urban American Indians Tell their Stories (Anomalist Books, 2016)
  • Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica (The Career Press, 2015)
  • Space Age Indians : Their Encounters with the Blue Men, Reptilians, and Other Star People (Anomalist Books, 2019)
  • « The Ancient Astronaut Theory : an Indigenous Perpective«  in Michael Pye, Kirsten Dalley [], Lost secrets of the Gods, New Page Book, 2014, p. 157-191.

Acronyms we will use

  • Encounters with Star People = ESP
  • More Encounters with Star People = MESP
  • Sky People = SP
  • Space Age Indians = SAI

Who are the Star People reported ?

Sometimes, descriptions are too poor to provide a categorization. Therefore, I will collect the rich descriptions only.

  • The Tall Whites : ESP, ch. 2 « An Encounter that Pre-Dates Roswell ». They come from the planet ENYAN in Taurus Constellation. They are travellers, collect data, register changes. They came to Earth since thousands of years.
  • The Tall Browns : ESP, ch. 10 « Encounters of the Fifth Kind ». Brown skin, dark eyes, tight brown suit, tapered boots. Circular ship.
  • The Red Eyes : ESP, ch. 10. Blue-silver uniform. Come from the extreme end of our Milky Way. They are scientific and they came to Earth since thousands of years. They don’t abduct people but they know that some extraterrestrial beings do it, and don’t bring back the abducted sometimes.
  • The Pleiadians : ESP, ch. 12. No physical description. They travel with boomerang and circular ufo. They said our space program was more dangerous than useful because it was a bad idea to signal our presence in the Universe. We would be more secure to be insignificant and anonymous (the same comment as Stephen Hawking). As we can see, this is not the same perspective than in false channelings and false contactees.
  • The Insectoids : ESP, ch. 13. « A Vietnam Veteran Reveals a Gift from the Star People ». They have no eyes and nose similar to us. They helped Russell who was oppressed. They taught him mind control to avoid physical pains : the dissociation from the physical body. They provided him fruits when he was a prisoner of war camp. In return, he was considered as a specimen to their medical tests. They are scientists. And ESP, ch. 16. « Abductions of a Different Kind ». Very big eyes. Skin like foam rubber. Thin and long arms and legs (Antonio case).

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