Reiki could be a cosmic science : the « laying on of hands » by the Star People

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First of all, what means the japanese word « Reiki » 霊気 ?

« Rei » 霊 means « universal » and « Ki »気, « energy ». So, « Reiki » is the « Universal Energy ».

We knew of course that Ki is an universal energy since we find it all over the world under different names : Chi, Prana, Mana, Ruah, Pneuma, etc. But as we will see, there is a « super Reiki » used by the Stellar People whose the Giant Blue Men.

In ufology, there are many testimonies of « strange hospitals » found in a place that we cannot recover. Sometimes, it is inside true hospitals that they come to give a treatment.

For instance, this case which comes from Dr Olavo Fontes, M.D., of Rio de Janeiro, and chronicled by Gordon Creighton (in Flying Saucer Review, « Healing from UFOs », Vol. 15, n°5, Sept./Oct. 1969, p. 21) :

« On May 17, 1958, Dr Fontes’ friend, the journalist João Martins – an equally distinguished UFO investigator – received a letter dated from Rio de Janeiro three days before. It purported to be from a certain woman named Anazia Maria (pseudonym : the lady’s name, withheld at her request, is known to FSR). She said that she had recently been working as a maidservant in the household of a wealthy Brazilian family living at Petropolis, in the mountains to the west of Rio de Janeiro, and that they had a doughter who was dying of cancer of the stomach and had been given up by the doctors as a hopeless case.

On the night of October 25, 1957, when the agony of the patient, ‘Miss Laiz’ seemed to have reached its culmination and morphine injections were no longer helping her, ‘Anazia Maria’ claims that a vivid light appeared outside the window of the patient’s room, in which seven members of the familly and the maidservant were present. The beam of light next moved nearer and came in and lit up the whole room. Rushing to the window, the son of the family saw a small saucer, from an open hatch of which the small beings descended.

« They entered the house… They were 1,20 meters in height, with long yellowish-red hair down to the shoulders, and bright green slanting ‘Chinese’ eyes ».

In silent astonishment, the witnesses watched as the two small visitors approached the sick-bed and laid out their instuments upon it. Then one of them place a hand on the forehead of Sr. ‘X’, the father of the dying girl, and Sr. ‘X’ forthwith began to communicate to him telepathically all details about the girl and her illness.

The small beings then illuminated the girl’s abdomen with a bluish-white light which lit up the whole of her inside so that the family could see the cancer in her stomach. The operation for the removal of the cancer lasted about half an hour.

Before taking their leave, the small beings informed Sr. ‘X’ telepathically that the girl would need medicine for a while, and gave him a ‘hollow ball’, of the appearance of steel, containing 30 small white pellets, of which she was to take one daily.

‘Miss Laiz’ was cured, as her own doctor was able to verify in December 1957. No publicity was given to this cas, in accordance with the telepathic promise given to the small beings by the girl’s father ».

In this case, it was not a ‘super Reiki’ which was administered. Nevertheless they use their hand to get telepathy with the father :

« Then one of them place a hand on the forehead of Sr. ‘X’ and forthwith began to communicate to him telepathically… ».

Rishi Nityabodhananda, Ajna Chakra, Satyananda Ashram Italia, 2010.

Does it means that telepathy is directly involved in Ajna chakra – the ‘third eye’ ? Or by the pineal gland just behind ?

It is interesting to discover what the Star People can do only with their hands. In that regard, the last Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s book (Space Age Indians) is very significant.

Apparently, the Giant Blue Men would like we learn how to heal people with our hands :

« They were peaceful souls who traveled the world and healed pain. They taught me to channel their energy and to use my own energy to heal. We all have that ability but do not use our power. The Star Men taught me how to use my power and to tune into theirs. They changed my life. I’m no longer the man that came back from Vietnam. I’m not the boy that joined the Marines. I’m a healer » (p. 102).

I found an other case in the Philip J. Imbrogno’s book : Ultraterrestrial Contact (Llewellyn Publications, 2011), chapter 5 « Night visitors ».

« Bob [from Bethel, Connecticut] has a heart condition and during one of these encounters, (…) he fell into a light trance and felts hands all over his body. The hands seemed to move him around and he couldn’t open his eyes. He tried speaking to whoever was attached to the hands, asking them if they could please fix his heart while they were messing with his body. Once he made his request, Bob felt a warm sensation all over his body, relaxing him and sending him off to a deep sleep. He woke up the next day with no ill effects and felt quite good ».

These night visitors have long, slanted eyes, no chin or ears and a very small mouth. They produced an holographic image on a wall as a signal of contact, at around three o’clock in the morning.

Personally, I believe these testimonies since I had similar experiences. If this occured to me, it may be for others all over the world. We are definitely not alone but they keep discreet, most of the time.

An other case (#049) about Richard Rylka born in 1941 in New Jersey (from The new Preston Dennett’s book The healing power of UFOS : 300 true accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials, Blue Giant Books, 2019, p. 48 / Joseph J. Randazzo, The Contactees Manuscript: 25th Year Anniversary Collectors Edition, UFO Library Press, 2018).

Richard Rylka was working for a medical firm.

« Sometime, in the 1960s, (…) Rylka was instructed by his supervisor to transport a barrel of chemicals. To do this, Rylka had to operate a piece of heavy equipment called a ‘drum-lifter’. Heavy machinery is often dangerous, and somehow his index finger became caught in the machinery and crushed. Rylka’s scream called the attention of co-workers who helped him to free his finger, which was ‘white and terribly distorted’. Rylka has nos feeling in the finger and was unable to move it.

He was rushed to the company’s first aid room and the nurse told him to go to the hospital at once. He took a cab to Middlesex General Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey where doctors applied an ice-pack and prepared for X-rays.

Rylka was alone in the emergency room when the ETs (…) appeared and held their hands over his finger and cured him using body energies. Although the finger was numb for many months, the cure was effective enough to straighten the bone and close the broken skin. When the doctor returned, they found no signs of injury and sent him back to work ».

In the Joseph J. Randazzo’s book, we learn a lot more about these ETs :

« He was later to learn that the two Beings were related to him. One is called Koran and the other is Nepos. They always refer to Richard as Saarl. They are of the Nordic race and they claim to have come from two planets ».

What do we learn about what they can do with their hands ?

The case of ‘Sylvia Red Feather’ – a twenty-year-old girl from the Tribal Community Center – is very impressive because she was a drug addict and an alcoholic. But it was before her memorable encounter. Her blood was infected and her life was in grave danger as a result of a criminal delinquency.

« Once he located a place of pain, he hovered over the injured area with his hands. A hot, orange glow came from his hands. Soon the pain disappeared. (…) He told me that he found strange substance in my blood and those substances were going to kill me. So he removed those, too. (…) It was like I’d never used drugs. I felt strong and without any desire to find a dealer. (…) He told me that he would check on me from time to time to make sure I was healthy » (Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Space Age indians, p. 88).

But the Giant Blue Man told her to make different choices in her life :

« He said he was there to help me, but in return, I must change my life ».

Without going into the content of this book that has many strong testimonies, I will take only one case more : the Winter’s story (ch. 11 « Winter’s story : Glowing Blue Men touched my brain »).

He had a very bad car accident over a mountain road. The car tumbled end over end until it came to rest against a tree. He was trapped by the back seat, which had collapsed against the front passager’s seat. He could’t move at all, only yell.

« Suddenly a bright, iridescent, blue light descended upon the car (…). That’s when I saw a being engulfed in a strange, glowing blue light. I couldn’t make out any features. (…) I know they had the form of humans, but there was a shimmering glow that distorted their image. It was hard to get a clear image. (…) One of them pulled the back door off the sedan and threw it aside like it was a toy. The other one came in from behind me and tore the other door off and removed the back seat that was trapping me.

The one behind me placed his hands on my head and the bleeding stopped. I felt a healing in my head. (…) Once he touched me, peace filled my body. I was no longer afraid. I knew I was going to survive. (…) I think if they had not come to me, I would have died from loss of blood or been mentally incapacitated for the rest of my life. (…) They removed me from the car and placed me against a tree ».

In a way, there is a evidence that it is an authentic witness : Winter is living in a wheelchair since that day. So why would he lie ? But there is an other evidence about his mental capacities.

« I believe the aliens, when they repaired my head, did something to my brain. Yes. I believe they increased my intelligence ».

Copyright : Pisit Heng

This is not a lie because his new abilities are very rare and could be compare to the Asperger’s Syndrome with photographic memory, for instance.

« I asked my mom to bring me a dictionary – you know the kind that weighs a ton and generally sits on a table because it’s too heavy to move. (…) I read the entire thing. I began noticing other things. I had to tone down my vocabulary when I talked to my friends who visited me. My vocabulary was far beyond what I was capable of before the accident. I discovered I learned things more easily and was interested in almost every subject. (…) I read all the classics literature, American and British. I committed poetry to memory. Math and science books were everyday reading for me ». (p. 71).

He could have stayed normal if he had no accident. But his destiny was different and not so easy to accept. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke played a role in his ‘resilience’. Her book delivers many testimonies with human values. It is a rarity in ufology.

In her fist book, Encounters with Star People, there is an other testimony from « Belle » who lived in Alaska (Ch. XV), cured by them with their hands only. She were injured her foot with an axe.

There are many testimonies in ufology that shows there is an universal energy around and inside us that we don’t fully understand and that we underestimate : a « Reiki » that appears to be a « super Reiki » with the Star People.