How to levitate during a dream

Copyright : Karina Carvalho

As you know, was created to give assistance during this pandemy. One way that can help and give great joy for the whole day is to feel yourself lighter than usual. Here is a very easy technical that I used for many years. Our aim will be to levitate during a dream.

First of all, we have to realise that a dream at night, for instance, takes place in an astral plane. So, it is only due to our psychological conditioning that we are repeating the same restriction than in the day to day lives. There is nothing to stop your imagination.

Copyright : Khachik Simonian.

During your dream, stand in front of the top of the stairs. And you will descend the steps with little jumps trying to begin to levitate before the last stair. Normally, you will feel your body lighter than usual. After a lot of practice, you will take more time between each jump, just as if you could fly.

I noticed that each time I did it, I had a very strong energy in « Anahata chakra » : the breasts plexus. It is like my center of gravity were at that location. If you want to levitate during a long time, you have to put all your minds in this chakra at the breasts plexus. After that, you can do more and fly, for instance.

When you will wake up, you will remember that kind of feelings which give such joy and energy.

But this technical can be adapted to improve your ability to lucid dream, or to emerge in an astral plane with all details that you will keep in your memory. I think, the reason is maybe the joy you feel and the kinesthetic movement : it is very strong and active.

In a symbolic way, it means you can take a step back in your life : find other solutions. Our capacity to adapt is very important, and specifically in these difficult times.