The Reverse Relation between Effect and his Cause and Synchronicity

« There is no universal ‘now’. The distinctions between past present and future are illusions » (Rhawn Gabriel Joseph).

D. Chopra, M.C. Kafatos [dir.], The Time Machine of Consciousness,, 2014.

« Syntropy is retrocausal : Future nodes of convergence and harmony, or ‘attractors’, exert a pull on the past, according to [Ulisse] Di Corpo and [Antonella] Vannini » (Eric Wargo).

Many publications about the reverse relation between cause and effect intrigued me. Indeed, the authors were very serious. For instance, from Ognyan Oreshkov, Fabio Costa and Časlav Brukner, all physicists, their publication « Quantum correlations with no causal order » that you can upload here. And an other one from philosophers Michael A. E. Dummett (1925-2011) and Antony Flew (1923-2010) for a symposium : « Can an effect precede its cause ? » (Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volumes, Vol. 28, Belief and Will (1954), Oxford University Press, pp. 27-62).

And I wonder if I could remind in my life this kind of reverse relation ? After all, if the phenomenon is real, it has to be noticed in our daily life. Few days ago, I wanted to post an article about this subject but I thought it was too complicated to speak on in french, as I needed to translate everything… So, I gave up. I should also add an other point : I wanted to write texts in english on because I don’t think that french is an universal langage. But time passed and I still didn’t do it…

Suddenly, when I asked myself this question, it occured to me I received comments on in english since 11 februar and the days after. It was unexpected as I’ve been writing in french until today, not in english (as I intended to do in the future). It is not common that people who read french comment on my texts in english, yet so it is. And I remember that I wanted to write in english in the near future. So what appear strange to me at the present time, couldn’t be as inappropriate later. It seems I had an exemple of the reverse relation between effect (receiving comments in english) and cause (write in english in the near future).

The funny thing is I didn’t realized at first. When I discovered english comments, I was encouraged to put english quotations, for instance, in my french texts. But more I received english comments, more I was surprised until I remembered my intention to write in english and to think about retrocausality.

Some weird events could be very logical if we do not adopt the temporal linearity.

In my personal case, I had no doubt about my future intention. In fact, it was as if I did it « in time » (because it was just a question of time). It was a not a « perhaps » and that’s why, I think, there was a relation of this kind.

I could say, this is pure synchronicity, too, because effects « showed me the way » and gave me purpose to go on. Jung wrote about synchronicity, that it was « an acausal connecting principle » – acausal in present time which means we can’t see it, momentarily.

His brief essay “On Synchronicity” printed in the Vol. 8. of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung (Translated from “Synchronizität als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhänge”).

It could be useful to give definition in several occurences of what was his neologism :

« In my essay “On the Nature of the Psyche,” I considered synchronicity as a psychically conditioned relativity of space and time [840] ».

« Here I would like to call attention to a possible misunderstanding which may be occasioned by the term “synchronicity.” I chose this term because the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningfully but not causally connected events seemed to me an essential criterion. I am therefore using the general concept of synchronicity in the special sense of a coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same or a similar meaning, in contrast to “synchronism,” which simply means the simultaneous occurrence of two events [849] ».

« Synchronicity therefore means the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychic state with one or more external events which appear as meaningful parallels to the momentary subjective state—and, in certain cases, vice versa [850] »

Let’s leave aside the archetypes which have a major role to play in his statement and let’s focus on a new hypothesis : what we have in mind (« a certain psychic state ») seems to get an answer from the events themselves (in my case, it was two things : write in english and think about retrocausality). So, apparently, there is no connection between the events and our thoughts – which allows « an acausal connecting principle ». But if we take into account that a future action can have an effect just now, in present time, in fact, there would be a causal relation.

The Jung’s synchronicity should be re-examined with this new idea from quantum mechanics.

So, I am not agree with those who claim that this phenomenon is not observable in our life. The reason why we don’t notice something of that order could be our inattention and, above all, our loyalty to beliefs in a linear time. Maybe, we shall have to grow accustomed to this new way of thinking to notice it.

A Möbius Strip

In any event, I felt a kind of « loop », a « mise en abyme » with retrocausality that remains me to write about it in english. It was virtually a return to square one.

M.C. Escher, Relativity, July 1953. © The M.C. Escher Company – Baarn – The Netherlands. All rights reserved. Photography : MBAC.

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