Who built the mega octogonal structure deep under Antarctic ice ?

Picture took from Ancient Aliens « Return to Antarctica » (S12E01).

That is the question we could ask watching the interview conducted by Linda Moulton Howe to a retired U. S. Navy Seal’s eyewitness in Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 23, 2019). His pseudonym : Spartan1.

You can watch this interview in an episod of « Ancient Aliens » entitled « Return to Antarctica » (May 31, 2019) : Series 12, Episode 1.

Time location : 33′

Linda Moulton Howe made a video. Watch the trailer here :

The Spartan#1’s mission

In August 2003, he had a search and reconnaissance mission in the East-South Coast of Antarctic. He said he had to bring back someone.

What he saw are several doors, all the same, in an octogonal structure. The huge structure was under two miles of ice. The doors, though very thick, could be operating by just pushing.

He noticed the temperature outside was 30 degrees under zero, but behind the doors, the temperature was nearly 20 degrees Celsius.

He couldn’t see where the light come from but all the walls had a luminous green color.

Though he didn’t see anything like that before, he saw kind of hieroglyphs on the walls.

It is obviously an old civilization and very advanced who build this. But which one ?

We can find the answer thanks to Ardy Sixkiller Clarke who met numerous native Indian people to collect their contacts with « Star People ». The one who built these mega structure under Antarctic ice are the « Giant Blue skin » :

« In northern Arkansas, a twelve-man speleogical team encountered inhabitants nearly one mile under ground. The explorers found a tunnel illuminated by greenish phosphorescence where they met a race of beings who stood seven to eight feet tall and had blue skin. The beings possessed advanced technology and lived in massive underground cities »

(Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Space Age Indians, Anomalist Books, 2019, p. 4).

Apparently, they built many underground structures of that kind which is recognizable to the green phosphoresence walls : a bright light whose source is not found.

My hypothesis

All these structures could be connected and permit travel between them. Hieroglyphs could be like a map to choose a destination, thus avoiding the spacecrafts assistance. A very strong energy had been detected from this area which is source of artificial magnetic disturbance.

Since our space satellits, it becomes less and less easy to hide their bases even if they are hidden. They could not guess either we will venture out into a very inhospitable land like Antarctica. The more we explore cosmos and inhospitable areas, the more we report their existence because they left a mark on their pass.

Hieroglyphs reported by Spartan 1 kept my attention… As we know, there was « blue people » in Ancient Egypt considered as « gods ». Thot was one of them.

The blue color symbolized their origin from the Sky.

What is very interesting is that Egyptian recorded that Thot gave to us hieroglyphs (writing), astronomical science and medicine among other things. And we will soon see in an other topic that the Giant Blue have a wonderful advances in medicines (and technology).

So, maybe, there is a link between the hieroglyphs room in the Antartica base, the Giant Blue and Egyptian Gods. Of course, this is not the same hieroglyphs but the science behind is the same : ideograms.

The Giant Blue

What do we know about the Giant Blue depending on the native North America testimonies ?

There is a testimony which is a good summary of the situation, the one of Mele (Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Space Age Indians, op. cit., p. 39) :

« A lot of [indian] brothers saw the Blue Men in [Viet]’Nam. I’ve heard many stories. I believe they were a group of alien visitors who found war abhorrent, and they were studying our behaviour » (p.40).

« They were big, at least eight feet tall. They were muscular, big muscles on their arms like they were bodybuilders. They made me know they didn’t believe in war and weren’t there to hurt me or anyone else. While they did not takes side, they felt the pain of both sides. They told me why I was fighting the other men and I told them I didn’t know except that my government told me to fight. (…) They told me that governments did not control a man’s action on their plaine » (p. 42).

« They not only took me onboard, they showed me Earth from space. They told me Earth was so beautiful to be destroyed by war and biological weapons and that I should do more to change it ».

It sounds to me that it is a burning actuality ! We need a paradigm shift to overcome it.